Difference between ul listed and ul recognized cables.

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Having a UL mark does not guarantee that the product can be accepted as approved or manufactured by a ul certified cable manufacturer. There are two major approval types namely UL listed and UL recognized which has a major difference. UL means Underwriters Laboratories approval and is important for medical cable assembly manufacturer and others because it facilitates their entry into the Canadian and US markets. It is applicable for individual components of a machine or entire machine.

Difference between two UL approval types:

medical cable assembly manufacturer

UL approval in North America can be of listed or recognized types. UL listed is more common in products and machinery and it is cheaper to get this approval from the inspection officers. On the other hand the UL recognized mark has hundreds of Appliance Wiring Material Styles which are found on the UL identity card. It requires lot of checks before approval and approval is granted when the machine is submitted to UL with detail information about it. Mechanical properties of the machine are tested and then if the parameters matches then approval is given.

This approval is quite daunting for the manufacturer as well as the inspector and it costs a lot too. UL Recognised cables and machines are very specific and are approved for a particular set of tasks only. If you want to use a machine for regular home based tasks then it is preferred to use the UL Listed cables as they are more versatile and cost effective too.