Why we all should learn mathematics properly

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Math is a very important subject to study. Modern science and technology are highly dependent on this subject. It is the core of all kinds of inventions. Today we are going to talk about the importance of learning mathematics. Click here for ib math tutor hong kong.

What is mathematics actually?

Mathematics is a science of studying quantities, orders, spaces, numbers and figures. Also known as the “Queen of Science”, mathematics is divided into three broad categories: analysis, geometry and algebra.

Through its many branches and specializations, mathematics offers several fields of application, including:


-quantum computing;




-brain imaging;


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igcse syllabus

Why should we study mathematics?

Studying mathematics is an excellent choice for those who have a taste for intellectual challenges and a sense of analysis and abstraction. By enrolling in mathematics, you enter a field that will develop your intellectual potential, bring you scientific rigor and open many doors in challenging and varied professions. We live in a world of science and high technology and a society based on information, this society needs mathematicians.

The history of mathematics

While mathematics is a forward-looking science, it also has a proud history and is central to our culture, philosophy and the historical development of science. By studying mathematics, you also make a cultural choice that will make you frequent the great names in the history of thought: Euclid, Archimedes, Fibonacci, Descartes, Pascal, Leibniz, Laplace, Euler, Gauss, Poincaré to name a few names.

Geometry is the knowledge of what is always, therefore, it draws the soul to the truth, said Plato, and Feynman adds that we cannot explain the world, to make its beauty felt for those who have no profound knowledge of mathematics.